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    Sunset from Tiff, Toronto on Flickr.

    The Owl on Flickr.

    Justine is simply just trying to be an owl.

    3/4 of The jezabels @ the Phoenix on Flickr. 

    Who cares about getting wet? on Flickr.

    Shop till you drop…? on Flickr.

    Horrid pretty boy band on Flickr.

    I have no idea what the name of the band or this guy is and I don’t want to know. He was a pretty horrid musician but I really like this picture :P

    untitled on Flickr.

    This one is for you willie

    "I can be a good friend and I can be a good lover…but I can’t do both of them" -Wildlife¬†

    Well what would yah know, Canada made a magnet just for my blog!…Well not quite but pretty damn close.¬†

    Where did all the wild things go?

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