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    West Rim Trail- Zion National Park on Flickr.

    View from above, Heidelberg on Flickr.

    Thingvellir Valley- Continental divide on Flickr.

    Haukadalur Valley on Flickr.

    Sunset on the beach on Flickr.

    oh yeahh! I’ve reached my 100th post!

    This is my 100 post on tumblr. I have been averaging a photo every 2.4 days. 90% of the photos posted have been taken within the last 8 months, when I started this tumblr. I needed motivation to take more photos. I knew once uni started I would slack off due to my ridiculous schedule and I needed something to keep me shooting.

    As of late, I have posted a lot of digital colour imagines, but after today except a lot of black & white digital & self developed film.

    Webster falls bridge on Flickr.

    The hammer, front on Flickr.

    Hamilton bay front on color film

    Drift wood on Flickr.

    Long way down on Flickr.

    Coastal lighthouse on Flickr.

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