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    revoir pour l’instant on Flickr.

    Florencen @ Coachella on Flickr.

    Via Flickr:
    Seems as though every time I photograph florence I get at least one bizarre shot that I like. This one is from my Canon F1 which pretty much destroyed every other shot on the roll.

    The painting on Flickr.

    Lately I have been itching to take more colour film photographs, but its so expensive to develop :(

    It’s a…bear? on Flickr.

    Bear’s these days, so domesticated, carrying camera’s, walking on hind legs and evening sleeping in tents…What can I say, its modern times.

    Caution! on Flickr.

    I wish I had a shirt that said “Caution, i’m under repair”.

    Embrace on Flickr.

    Falls on film on Flickr.

    A strong man and a waterfall always channel their own path.

    The Bean on Film on Flickr.

    I like beans, especially this one :P

    Friends before birth on Flickr.

    Alex and I have this joke that when our mothers were pregnant with us (I am a few months older) they would put their bellies together and we would talk. Now that the placenta is gone, there is actually a lot more to talk through. Busy lives, demands of university and distance. However, I know no matter how much time has passed since we spoke or seen each other, it is never awkward. We speak as though we never left each other side. We are friends…it seems we shall always be.

    Contemplating the contemplation on Flickr.

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