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    Winter hiking, Bon Echo Provincial Park on Flickr.

    Via Flickr:
    Could not have asked from a more beautiful winter day to go hiking.

    Beaver Coat on Flickr.

    In times when primo-loft and down insulation did not exist, animal hide/fur was the only way to insulate yourself from the bitter cold.

    Embrace on Flickr.

    Climbing Twins on Flickr.

    This saturday I took part in my first big climbing competition, Tour de Bloc. I registered in the recreation category which is quite relaxed but I was extremely nervous, nonetheless. My hands have never been so sweaty. It was so bad that I don’t think the chalk was even helping. However, I did have a great time and even managed to bring 3rd in the woman’s recreation category.

    Parliament Building Ottawa on Flickr.

    too lazy to post something new…:P

    Le Hammer… Bay front 

    Well what would yah know, Canada made a magnet just for my blog!…Well not quite but pretty damn close. 

    Down by the Bay…

    What its JUNE already! Ahhh two weeks until west coast (of the US). This picture is of Vancouver from last summer. Vancouver is probably my favourite Canadian city so far. Hope the west coast of the States is as good. 

    Ps… when I was posting my picture last night, “I know places” by lykke Li started playing (my itunes is on shuffle) and tonight as I post this picture IT CAME ON AGAIN! Is this a sign? Well I guess I do know places we can go and the picture above is definitely one of those “places we can go babe” Lol… but before we go there I need to sleep..zzz

    Ahh… Bruce Pen how I long to see you. We shall meet again soon this summer I hope. 

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