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    Free Pussy Riot! on Flickr.

    As I wondered the streets of Lyon, France with my friend Suzanne we noticed several “Free Pussy Riot” graffitis spread all over the city. At the time I though it was just a funny tag and took a few pictures. Know I have come to realise, its not just a tag, but rather a call for justice for three young women unjustly sentenced to 2 years imprisonment in Russia. Though I must say I do not agree with the stunt that got the feminist punk band Pussy Riot in this mess in the first place. However I do believe freedom of speech and self expression is a right. Yes, they might have taken this right a bit too far, but 2 years imprisonment is outrageous! Russia and Putin, Free Pussy Riot!

    revoir pour l’instant on Flickr.

    Falls on film on Flickr.

    A strong man and a waterfall always channel their own path.

    The Owl on Flickr.

    Justine is simply just trying to be an owl.

    The power of film! on Flickr.

    Developed my own film!

    Florence Welch @ Mod Club on Flickr.

    I waited 3 years of a new album. Ceremonials was definitely worth the wait. Thank you flo!

    This is me with my new camera! 

    What is really cool is the fact that this was taking with an old polaroid my buddy Chris fixed up… check out his blog for camera awesomeness —> Greed Photography 

    Contemplating the contemplation on Flickr.

    Tunnel vision on Flickr.

    Eric Sullivan @ lollapalooza 2011 on Flickr.

    Festival in film

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